WatchClock 04-01, 2010
[Wagon wheel, Hand-made clock hands, microcontroller, motors, GPS, time module, gears, axis, bronze plates, Blue-tooth module]

With WagonWheelWatchClock, time exists only when the owner of the clock is around. The clock's hands are showing 12 O'clock until the owner of the clock is around, which is determined by the presence of the owner in the proximity of the clock with a mobile phone, which has a blue tooth unique identifier. The clock recognizes its owner, and then goes to show the correct time. When the owner leaves, the clock goes back to 12 O'clock. a GPS module is used for synch with the satellites atomic clock anywhere in the world.

WatchClocks - a series of art installations dealing with time: how we perceive it, and how we are perceived by it. A play on words - these clocks operates two-fold: both as an instrument of keeping time and as a watch-keeper upon the environment in which they are placed. Each of the WatchClocks is visually and behavioral unique. The aim of this project is to confront the observer with her/his perception of time. Offering a unique and unexpected interaction between viewer and the common clock (believed to hold one specific function), new thoughts might arise within the mind, confronting common logic's definition of time and space.

WatchClock 04-01